LewatMana App for Blackberry 10 is available

Download LewatMana app for Blackberry 10 in App World now, it’s free. http://goo.gl/EzqkL



Download now: http://goo.gl/EzqkL

LewatMana App for Windows Phone (Lumia)

Hi Window Phone users, the LewatMana app is now available in Winodws Phone (Lumia).

Download from windows Phone App Store http://goo.gl/TDpv2

1 home2 home3 home

4 by city5 by route6 favourite

7 directory8 directory detil9 cctv image

10 cctv maps

We hope you all enjoy the apps. Download now: http://goo.gl/TDpv2

LewatMana Nokia Asha App is now available

Great news!! You can now easily access to latest traffic information and CCTV using your Nokia Asha phones.

Download from Nokia Store here: http://goo.gl/MKwOL

LewatMana Nokia Asha

LewatMana.com on Nokia Asha

Download now http://goo.gl/MKwOL

Kirim CCTV Lalu lintas secara otomatis ke HP anda via SMS

Khusus bagi pengguna INDOSAT, Anda sekarang dapat mengirimkan CCTV lalu lintas secara otomatis dan berkala ke HP anda via SMS. Anda dapat pula menghemat biaya penggunaan data untuk mengakses CCTV lalu lintas unlimited dengan berlangganan paket harian(IDR700), mingguan(IDR3,000) atau bulanan(IDR10,000). Dengan berlangganan salah satu paket tersebut, maka akses ke CCTV tidak dikenakan biaya.

Untuk berlangganan tersedia 2 cara mudah:
1. Melalui SMS: ketik DAFTAR dan kirim ke 595. Ikuti pilihan perintah dari sms balasan.
2. Melalui USSD: dial *123*7*9# dan tekan CALL. Silahkan pilih dari menu yang tersedia.

Setelah berlangganan, Anda dapat setiap saat mengakses layanan info lalu lintas melalui CCTV dengan mengetik MENU dan kirim via SMS ke 595 atau tekan *123*7*9# di handphone Anda.

Contoh Pilihan menu SMS:
1. Lihat CCTV
2. Lihat Rute
3. Buat Rute
4. Alert CCTV
5. Alert Rute
7. Cara pakai tanpa menu
balas dgn (1-7) kirim ke 595

Ketik 4 dan kirim SMS ke 595 untuk menerima CCTV secara otomatis ke HP anda.

TIPS: Alternatif cara cepat akses CCTV tanpa melalui menu:

Kirim Alert CCTV otomatis: ketik *M*4*1*KodeCCTV*Jam# kirim ke 595
KodeCCTV = Kode CCTV
Jam = Di kirim pada jam (HH:MM)

Contoh: cara cepat untuk mengirim gambar cctv gatot subroto secara otomatis setiap hari pukul 17:00:
ketik *M*4*1*87*17:00# kirim ke 595

Kirim otomatis info lalu lintas langsung dari CCTV mempermudah anda mendapatkan informasi cepat secara rutin tanpa repot.

Selamat menikmati, semoga bermanfaat.

Full Version Android App is now available

Finally after few months of development, the full version of Android App is now available to download in Google Play.

What in Full Version that are not available in Lite version? Many great features are available in full version includes:

1. Faster performance: The local caching mechanism and local database in device allow loading and operation performance to improve considerably and result in less data usage.

2. Improved User Experience: With less click to access any information, allow easy and quick access to information.

3. Direction on Map: You can now define your destination for system to suggest you several choices of directions. You can select the fastest, nearest route or from list of all available routes. It also will give you an estimate delay and estimated time of arival based on your average speed.

4. Save Favorite CCTV: Save and access your favorite cctv quickly and easily.

5. Favorite Route: Access publicly shared favorite cctv routes.

5. Sharing CCTV: Share CCTV traffic condition to your friends via twitter, facebook, email and other ways of sharing available in your Android phone.

6. Integrated Images: Automatically show embedded images within the traffic update reports.

7. Browse and Upload Photo: Easily browse photos shared by other users. You can upload photo directly from your phone.

8. Nearby Location: Show nearby point of interests. It is integrated with Google Place and Foursquare.

The App is available for download with small cost of USD 2.96 (est~ IDR 25,000). This one time download fee would help us keep our content free. Thank you for your great support, I hope you enjoys the App. We will keep improving the App with more new interesting and usefull features from time to time. Stay tuned!!

Thank you.

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